Welcome to your SOUL BALM Single Session
Before we dive deep, I invite you to make yourself comfortable - e.g. with a hot drink, a candle, or other ways you feel most comfortable - and answer the following questions.
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What was your motivation to book the SOUL BALM Single Session?
What has been your path in your personal development so far? Which modalities, techniques and tools have you already got to know and used? *
Which modalities, techniques and tools have helped you very well and which not so much? *
What are your biggest challenges in life at the moment? *
How do you want your life to be instead? *
How exactly do you want to feel after the SOUL BALM Single Session? What do you want to have achieved? *
Which modality/technique that I offer are you most interested in or which appeals to you the most? (Theta Healing, trauma-informed Coaching/ nervous system based Coaching, Tapping, Inner Child Work, The Work, Coaching Tools) *
Which times are best for you for the SOUL BALM session? (I will take your information into account and contact you by email with a proposed date for the session). *
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