OpenHIE Community Meeting Host Interest Form
This application is to be used by any country interested in hosting our annual OpenHIE Community Meeting in 2021!
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What country are you applying for? *
What is your position and affiliation with your country and Ministry of Health? *
Does your country have relatively easy access (ie, good international airport, liberal visa policies, local transportation)? *
Please explain more about the airports, visa policies, and local transportation. *
We have a very large community, do you have the travel and hotel infrastructure suitable to host meeting for potentially hundreds of people? Please explain. *
Safety is important to us and we must ensure of good security throughout the conference. Please explain how we can ensure a safe conference for your guests. *
Please explain your ability to engage local resources/sponsorship to support the cost of hosting such an event. *
One of the favorite features of prior OpenHIE Community Meetings is having site visits, where attendees can see how OpenHIE is being used locally. Are you willing and able to host OpenHIE clinical site visits? Please explain. *
There are many competing events throughout the year that influence the timing of our events. Are there particular dates or a time of the year you are hoping to hold the OpenHIE Community meeting? *
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