South Fork ASP Annual Survey
Annual continuous quality improvement survey for the 2019/2020 school year
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I am a... *
I (or my child/ren) are in the ______________ grade range *
I feel the ASP is an environment that is safe physically and emotionally for me/my child(ren) *
I feel the ASP staff clearly understands my/my child(ren)'s medical needs *
I feel the ASP staff is easily identifiable *
I feel that I share the responsibility of building a sense of community and belonging at the ASP *
I feel the ASP provides a variety of activities that are hands-on and project-based *
I feel the ASP staff are open to my feedback about what activities I want to have in the ASP *
I/my child(ren) have access to modern technology to support learning during ASP *
I feel ASP projects relate to my/my child(ren)'s life *
I feel that ASP helps me/my child(ren) learn new things *
I feel ASP helps me/my child(ren) have new experiences? *
I feel that team building and effective communication happen in ASP *
My opinions are heard and listened to by ASP staff *
I play a meaningful role in ASP design and implementation *
The ASP hiking program is a valuable component of good physical activity *
The ASP swimming program is a valuable component of good physical activity *
PE time during ASP makes me/my child(ren) a stronger and healthier person *
ASP staff demonstrates a commitment to the continuous improvement of the program *
ASP embraces diversity and equality regardless of differences *
Do you feel you/your child(ren) are different from others in a negative way? *
Do you feel you or your children are treated unfairly because of your race, religion, gender, age, income level, physical ability, national origin, or skin color? *
Do you feel equally treated by ASP staff? *
I feel the ASP Director does his/her job well *
I feel ASP leaders do their jobs well *
I feel ASP substitutes do their jobs well *
I have a positive relationship with ASP staff *
My concerns are heard *
I feel I can help improve ASP *
My interests are listened to and incorporated into ASP *
Do you plan to enroll your child/ren in ASP for the 2020/2021 school year? *
Do you plan to ask your parents to enroll you in ASP for the 2020/2021 school year? *
If you would like a 2020/2021 ASP enrollment packet sent to you, please email Christy Connolly at . You can request a digital copy to print out at home, a paper copy sent out with the lunch delivery, or provide your name and address to have it mailed.
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My favorite ASP activity is...(You can list as many as you'd like)
If ASP could do anything (project, field trip, class, etc.) I would want to do...
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