2019 Summer Training - SCdt Applications
For those who are interested in becoming a Staff Cadet at a Cadet Training Center (CTC), please check to ensure you meet the minimum requirement to be a Staff Cadet, which can be found on the squadron website, under Summer Training.

There are two parts to your application, and this sign-up will complete your Fortress Application, which is due 9 Jan 19 to the office for review.

The second portion of your application is submitting additional documents to RCSU Pacific. These documents are due NLT 31 Jan 19. These documents include Staff Cadet Information Form (Cdt#199) and a "Confirmation of Account Info" or "Pre-Authorized Credit" form.

Banking Info
-you must have a bank account under your name
-obtain a "Direct Deposit Form" or "Confirmation of Account Information" or "Pre-Authorized Credit" from your online banking, your bank website, or at your bank
-be sure your account information is legible, and sign your form

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Fortress Application Details
The following questions need to be answered in order to complete your Fortress application. Please make sure you are reading the questions and answering to the best of your knowledge.
Availability *
Is the cadet available for the entire duration of the requested courses, positions or activities?
Flexibility *
Would the cadet like to be considered for other courses, positions or activities?
Citizen *
Is the cadet a Canadian citizen?
Significant Achievements
Please provide with significant achievements and other required/relevant information to supplement your application. With the exception of summer training awards and qualifications, you should include cadet awards and achievements.
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