Junior Faculty
Application for the 2020-21 Junior Faculty for the Reign Dance Studios. For dancers age 11 and over!
Full Name *
Date of Birth *
The RDS Junior Faculty will be assisting teachers in every class with technology, classroom etiquette, taking roll, and more. Our instructor's rely on our Junior Faculty to help keep the classroom clean, in order, and running smoothly. Why do you want to be a member of our Junior Faculty? *
How confident do you feel running classroom technology for Zoom? *
Scenario: a dancer is being distracting during a class. The instructor asks you to help de-escalate the situation. What steps will you take to help the instructor keep peace in the classroom? *
I understand that the RDS Junior Faculty is held to the highest standards. It is expected that the Junior Faculty arrives on time to classes, adheres to the proper dress code, and gives 100% in all classes. *
What genre are you especially excited to assist and why? (Examples include: ballet, combo, acro, hip hop, lyrical, jazz, etc...) *
Are there any schedule restrictions we should know about?
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