Got Dirt? we are seeking soil samples

We want your dirt. No kidding—we do. There are as yet undiscovered, helpful organisms living in soil and we want to find them. However, Earth is a big place and we need your help: please send us samples of soil from your land. The key is collecting as many diverse soil-types as possible, so go out there and explore the different environments, terrains and ecologies that exist on your property.

To participate, please fill out the information below and we will send you a Soil Collection Kit (including: USPS packaging, prepaid shipping labels and collection guide) for on-site collection in your area. Once we receive your soil samples, an Amazon gift card will be emailed to you as a thank you for your participation.

***A single soil sample for this campaign is considered to be half of one-gallon Ziploc bag (1 kg OR 2.2 pounds) and we request that you be able to send us at least 7 samples from your land.***

We hope you’ll contribute to our research!
- Lodo Therapeutics Team

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This does not have to be the land owner, but the owner must sign the release form.
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We would like to collect as many samples as possible across as many diverse environments as possible. We are going to ship you boxes into which you can package your collected samples and send them back to us (the postage is pre-paid). In our experience you fit 7 samples into the USPS box we send to you. Based on your degree of interest we can send you one or more boxes. ***Reminder: a sample is a half of one-gallon Ziploc bag (1 kg OR 2.2 pounds).*** Please indicate if you can collect one or more boxes.
Sample Consent
In order to participate in this soil collection project, the owner of the property must sign a consent form. See example text below which will be executed at a later time.

I am a person authorized to act on behalf of the donor identified above (“Donor”) with respect to the donation of one or more soil samples (each a “Sample”) to Lodo Therapeutics Corporation (“Company”). With my signature below, Donor voluntarily donates, gives, assigns to and irrevocably transfers to Company all Samples that have been obtained, or will be obtained, from Donor’s site (as described above).Donor and Company agree that (i) Company is the sole owner of the Samples collected by or on behalf of Company from Donor’s site(s); and (ii) Company has the right to transfer, assign or sell the Samples to others.Company has the full right and authority to use the Samples, and to permit others to use the Samples, for any and all commercial and/or non-commercial lawful purposes. Company is permitted, although not obligated, to name Donor and recognize Donor’s donation of the Samples in scientific publications or other public disclosures.Donor voluntarily and fully releases Company from any obligation to make any payment or to provide any other compensation to Donor in connection with (a) Company’s ownership of the Samples; (b) use of the Samples; and/or (c) information, data, results, materials and/or any intellectual property rights that are obtained directly or indirectly through use of the Samples (for example only, commercial products, materials or molecules that may be identified, isolated or derived from any of the Samples). With my signature below, Donor acknowledges its, his or her full and complete satisfaction with the terms of this Soil Sample Donation and Release document.

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