Your Home Education Proposal should be submitted, at least, twenty (20) days prior to the planned start of your home education program.

Supporting documents may be emailed to Dianne Guillen at guillend@suttonschools.net or sent via first class mail to :  Superintendent Kimberly Roberts-Morandi, SUTTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS, 16 Putnam Hill Road, Sutton, MA 01590.  
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Please read the School Committee's policy on home education.
Parent Name(s): *
Address Line 1 (NUMBER & STREET ): *
Address Line 2 (TOWN, STATE & ZIP CODE): *
Telephone Number: *
E-mail Address: *
Please list name(s) of student(s) who will be taught at the above designated home AND current comparable public school grade level(s).  FOR EXAMPLE:  John Doe (Grade 2); Jane Doe (Grade 5) *
Period of time for which approval is sought.  FOR EXAMPLE:  August, 2020 through June, 2021 *
Please provide the following information about any persons who will serve as a teacher in your home education program:  Name, teaching responsibility, college degrees (if any), college major and minor, past teaching experience (if any), teaching certification (if any), and any other evidence to describe his/her teaching competence for the task to be assigned.   *
Please provide a description of each subject to be taught including the scope, major goals and the objectives for the child, and the major materials and methods to be used in each area.  It would be helpful for the end of year progress assessment if there was additional detail provided around the subjects. *
Please provide a description of the schedule you plan for instruction during the period for which approval is requested.  Include the number of hours and days planned. *
Please provide a statement describing the tests or measurements that you plan to use to evaluate your child's educational growth during this period.  If this home education plan is approved, the school department will expect to review a periodic evaluation of the child's progress and may set guidelines and standards for this purpose to ensure the evaluation of reasonable educational progress. *
As parents, you have the right to a hearing before school authorities, if you wish, to allow an opportunity for you to explain your plan further and answer questions about it.  You may be represented by counsel.  If you wish to take this option, please state your wish below. *
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