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Thank you so much for your interest in contributing as a guest author to the Sohuis blog! We've been working diligently on creating a ton of free and valuable content this year, and we're really excited to expand our mighty community of contributing writers.

I'm a huge believer in collaboration over competition, so I'm seeking fellow gal pals and lady bosses to contribute and collaborate with me. Our blog is a creative and lively platform that discusses topics that female founders, and those who are wanting to launch their own companies, care about.

All contributing work will be appropriately credited, shared, and tagged as your own. I've got a ton of fun blog templates ready to go, plus 6 core writers, over 5,000 Instagram followers and 30K+ Pinterest followers who are waiting for your brilliance and wisdom! Also, your content will shared and distributed through our monthly newsletter!

Ready to roll with us? Complete the form below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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Our audience is typically into content related to female empowerment, entrepreneurship, startup life, productivity, mom boss life, and tips related to running, launching and managing your own business. If you would like to contribute to those categories, great! But if you have other topics that you think our audience would be interested in, please share them below.
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