survey target group research
gender ?
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Do you live in Amsterdam ?
In which neighbourhood do you live ? (only if you live in Amsterdam)
Where do you live (if you don't live in Amsterdam)
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what is your current living situation ?
what is your highest level of education?
what is your current position on the labor market ?
Which of the following places do you visit for a night out ?
How often do you visit OCCII ?
what is your main reason to visit OCCII ?
how do you know occii
how would you like to be updated about the program?
On a scale from 1 to 5 (1=bad 5=good) how would you rate OCCII on the following aspects ?
bar prices
drink assortment
entrance fees
concert hall
would you like to add something to the program genre of music, readings , theme nights , or something else ?
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Do you have any tips for improvement of the venue ?
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do you have any tips for improvement concerning the communication ?
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Do you have any more tips for improvement for anything else ?
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