AltConf 2019 Volunteer Sign Up
Thanks for showing your interest in volunteering for AltConf 2019!

We love that AltConf remains community run, without you volunteering it wouldn't be possible, so we try to make the experience as fun and enjoyable as possible. Anyone who volunteers for two full days/four half days or more will get Hero Supporter/guaranteed access for the week!

We ask our volunteers to undertake a number of different roles - registering attendees, setting up our speakers, ushering attendees in and out of rooms - please let us know which roles you'd prefer to undertake, we'll try to fulfil this as much as possible.

Please fill in the form below, including as much information as possible. If your schedule changes whilst we approach AltConf, please return to this form to update your information. Once you've submitted your details, one of the AltConf team will be in touch via email.

Any information you submit is used only for the purposes of contacting AltConf volunteers, and will not be shared with anyone else. To find out about our Code of Conduct, please go here:
Name: *
Please enter your full name.
Email: *
Please provide an email address so that we can send you updates about scheduling and other volunteer information.
Phone: *
Generally we will not call or text you, this is used only during the conference if we need to reach you urgently.
Days/Times You Can Volunteer: *
Volunteer slots are generally half a day in duration, and may include some set up and pack up time (e.g. from 7am, or finishing at 6pm) - we are always grateful for volunteers though so if you'd like to do a full day, or are only able to help out for a few hours, please let us know when you're able to help. Please detail days and approximate times you can help out (e.g. Monday morning until 1pm, Tuesday afternoon from 1pm until 5pm).
Days/Times You Cannot Volunteer: *
We will send you proposed volunteer times before scheduling you. We will use information submitted to tailor our initial schedule, so please advise if there are any times you cannot volunteer so we know to avoid these (e.g. unavailable Thursday morning until 12pm)
Roles You Would Prefer to Volunteer for: *
Give us an idea of roles you would enjoy doing.
T-Shirt Size *
Each volunteer gets one/two AltConf t-shirts (depending on number of volunteer shifts in the week), please indicate your preferred size. You will receive your t-shirt on your first volunteer slot.
Any additional comments or questions you may have.
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