Online Open House for Early Years
Dear prospective parent,

Thank you for your interest in attending our Online Open House for Early Years. This is suitable for parents whose child was born between:

1 September 2016 ~ 31 August 2017 for this year's entry, or
1 September 2017 ~ 31 August 2018 for next August entry

Below are the open house dates you can choose from.

Tuesday 1 December (Japanese translation provided)
Wednesday 2 December (English only)

Time: 10:30~11:30

Once we confirm your sign up, we will send a Zoom invitation to your email address.

Please kindly ensure the information provided is accurate. If you do not receive a reply from us within one week of the date you signed up for, please call the School, 078-231-8885.

Click the "FILL OUT FORM" button to proceed. Afterwards, hit the "SUBMIT" button. You should see the "Thank you, your response has been recorded" message at the end. It's very easy and will take you only 30 seconds.

We look forward to meeting you virtually!





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Naoko Kimura
St. Michael's International School
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St. Michael's International School - Early Years Online Open House
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