YMTC Direction Team Application
May Allah reward you for your interest in joining the Direction Team. Through this committee, we hope to make Tawheed Center a welcoming place of spirituality, learning, and sisterhood/brotherhood for Muslim youth. We want to empower our youth to be leaders and play an active role in serving our masjid community.

Being a member of the Direction Team will require commitment, dedication, and sincerity to Allah ﷻ. As a Team member, you will be serving a minimum 1-year term (with the option to renew for 1 more year). The Team will meet every two weeks to discuss ideas and plan.

There will be 5 branches of the Direction Team, each consisting of 2-4 members. Each branch, excluding the Media branch, will be responsible for organizing one youth event every 3 months:

- EDUCATION branch will be responsible for organizing educational events, such as a qiyam, seminar, or halaqah led by a guest speaker
- SOCIAL branch will be responsible for organizing fun social events for YMTC, such as outings, field trips, or in-masjid fun social events.
- SERVICE branch will be responsible for organizing community service opportunities, either for our masjid or for the larger community.
- KIDS branch will be responsible for organizing interactive, educational events for kids 10 and under.
- MEDIA branch will be in charge of managing YMTC social media accounts, website, and publicity for all YMTC events, along with recording talks, photography, and designing YMTC apparel.

This application will be used by the Youth Directors to select potential candidates, who will then be contacted and briefly interviewed. Final selections will be announced afterward.

Our Prophet ‎ﷺ said, “Islam is to be sincere.” The companions asked, “To whom?” He replied, “To Allah, His Book, His Prophet, the ones in authority over you, and the general public.”
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