Hey there! Thanks for loving my Bunnies and wanting to work with my brand. I love working with all kinds of different IG accounts. Bunny Knots are for EVERYONE. So it doesn't matter if you have 500 or 500,000 followers. If we are a good fit, I want to work with you! Here are my collaboration terms:

What you get:
• You will have password access to my shop 30 minutes early on drop days to buy whatever Bunny Knot you like. This way you'll beat the heat of the drop day frenzy.
• I will share you and your photos on my Instagram feed at some point and mention you in my captions in hopes of sending some of my incredible followers your way.

What you do:
• Purchase a Bunny Knot at full price.
• Post a minimum of 3 bright, well styled, shareable photos to IG mentioning Bunny Knots in the caption and giving us the ole' tagaroo.
• Once your three photos have been posted I will look up your order number and refund you for your Bunny.

Still interested? I want to hear from you. Please click next to fill out the short collab application. I take a limited number of collabs each month so please allow 30 days for me to follow up with you. I will reach out to you via Instagram DM or e-mail, depending on what you prefer. Thank you!
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