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SpritzCoin is giving away 500,000,000 Million Tokens for Free...how many of them will be yours?
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https://t.me/SpritzCoin *English chat

SpritzCoin: the first decentralized drink!
Built for customers, private or public establishment like bars, pubs and clubs and all beverage INDUSTRY but at first made with šŸ’• by PEOPLE for PEOPLE!
#SpritzCoin, together is better!

Headquarters: World Wide Web

a. The #BitBounce #Earn #lce0ak or similar services ARE NOT ELIGIBLE
b. Disposable emails are not allowed
c. Duplicate emails are not allowed: one real email, one wallet
d. more than a dot (.) in the email address is not allowed
e. sign (+) in the email address is not allowed
f. Fake email or account: no bonus and ban

** Please provide a VALID Email address: we will send you an email to confirm your wallet **
** One email / one ETH address **

www.SpritzCoin.com TEAM šŸ’•

Last update 24th August, 2018

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SpritzCoin the Uber of nightlife! #OnePager
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