Protect Your Pipes Character Names
Thank you for visiting the Protect Your Pipes website. Each year, the improper disposal of grease, non-flushable wipes, cotton swabs, tissues, medications and other items down the drain causes damage to plumbing and our environment.

Help us to get the word out by naming these clogging criminals! Please fill out the form below to submit your ideas. Thank you for your participation.

The Protect Your Pipes characters and their selected names are full and exclusive property of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG), its members, and the Protect Your Pipes Campaign.

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Information Disclaimer
Any information provided in this questionnaire will be used solely by the Protect Your Pipes campaign for improving our campaign's reach and future advertising efforts. Protect Your Pipes will not sell, trade, or transfer your personal information to any third party or entity.
Campaign Terms and Conditions
By participating in naming the characters, you agree that you assign to COG all Intellectual Property Rights which you have or may in the future have in the entries that you post, and agree to indemnify and hold COG harmless for any claims associated with the Protect Your Pipes campaign, and its characters and names. COG and Protect Your Pipes will be given full and exclusive rights to the use of the names for the Protect Your Pipes characters and campaign.
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