Post Cards Protect Our Full Time Job
NYTWA’s Protect Full-Time Jobs Campaign has 20+ demands to bring drivers out of crisis and on a road to a livable income. Our campaign is a UNITY Campaign among ALL Drivers! These are the main 5 Demands:

• Cap On FHV Vehicles
• Yellow / Green Meter As Base Rate Across Industry. Companies can go higher, but they cannot go lower!
• Raise Current Fare Rates
• No Congestion Pricing On Drivers’ Backs!
• Health & Wellness Fund W Retirement

Dear Mayor DeBlasio, Speaker Johnson & Governor Cuomo:
I am a NYC TLC-licensed driver. Three of my fellow drivers killed themselves from the economic desperation we feel every day. We drivers are in a crisis. The Uber/Lyft & co. Wall Street business model is killing us. Every day, we are working longer hours, risking our health and safety, and getting more poor. Yellow taxi medallion owner-drivers are facing bankruptcy and foreclosure. Greencab drivers (majority permit holders) are seeing the market disappear in less than 3 years after it was first created through law and years of driver struggle. Traditional black car and livery drivers are in desperate scramble to find fares. Meanwhile, the drivers for Uber/Lyft & co. are barely making minimum wage. All 100,000 drivers are losing in a vicious race to the bottom. We ask you to hear our urgent plea and to stand with the workers, not with Wall Street. Support the demands of our New York Taxi Workers Alliance!

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