OxCAN Consultation
Thank you for taking the time to help us develop OxCAN. Ahead of the Network’s launch later this year, it is important for us, as students, to understand what role OxCAN can play in connecting, inspiring and co-ordinating Oxford’s Alumni to work together for the planet.

The consultation is designed to take around 10 minutes, please write in as much or as little detail as you'd like.

We will only use the data you provide to us to inform the development of the OxCAN project, it won't be shared with anyone.

If you have any questions about privacy or personal data, please email us: alumni@oxfordclimatesociety.com.
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Section 1: About You!
Name: *
Which College did you attend? *
What was your year of Matriculation ? *
At which level did you study?
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What did you study?
e.g. BA English, MSc Environmental Change and Management, etc.
Where are you based now?
Please list as many locations as are relevant to you.
Which sector(s) do you work, or have you worked in?
Is your career or work climate-related?
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If you're happy to, please tell us a little more about your work.
Section 2: Understanding the interest and involvement of Oxford alumni in climate action.
Were you involved with Oxford Climate Society, other climate/environmental groups and/or environmental initiatives at the University? If so, which ones?
If you didn't connect with climate issues at University, or don't already, that's helpful for us to know! We're hoping to reach out to as many people as possible, across varying levels of interest, and across all disciplines.
At the moment, how well connected to the conversation about the climate do you feel? Why does the climate matter to you?
Is it something you discuss often or rarely? Is it something that worries you, or feels distant to you? What interests, scares or excites you most across the broad spectrum of climate-related issues?
Are you currently a member of groups working for climate action? If so, which ones?
Where do you go to for information, resources or events concerning climate change? How often do you engage with this topic?
For example, social media, newspapers, NGO campaigns and newsletters, academic journals, etc. If you don't know where to search for information about climate change that is relevant and interesting to you, that's very useful for us to know too!
Is climate on the agenda at your workplace or affiliated institution(s)?
For example, are there Net Zero plans or similar climate policies in place? Have you had any involvement in these initiatives?
What obstacles, if any, currently prevent you from engaging with ideas and action concerning the climate?
For example, do you have access to enough information, or information that is useful to you? Do you struggle to feel motivated and engaged with climate issues?
Section 3: How we can make OxCAN valuable to you!
In developing OxCAN, we've started to think about the resources and activities the network might be able to provide to our members. Please select any you think would be valuable to you?
At this stage, we're researching our ideas and trying to incorporate as much feedback as possible; this doesn't represent any commitment to take part later.
What are your thoughts on these activities? Do you have any extra ideas, however small or large, that you'd be excited to see us incorporate?
How would you like OxCAN to communicate with you?
Please select any that would be convenient for you.
At the moment, OxCAN will be free to join. As the network takes shape and develops, would you be happy to pay a £5.00 annual subscription fee to support the operation of OxCAN?
If OxCAN was subscription based, are there any additional features you'd expect the network to make available to you?
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