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Session includes tuition for a weekly dance class for 3 months (class at correct age and skill level placement). To view our class calendar:

With our Sparkle Session Bundle, your dancer will get to choose a leotard (tutus included), tights, ballet shoes, a dance bag, a commemorative Fireworks Dance Center t-shirt, PLUS 3 months of classes (one class per week).
PLUS an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to DANCE ON THE STAGE at Philadelphia’s Love Park Christmas Village. Register by October 15, and your commemorative FDC Christmas Village sweatshirt (costume) is FREE (additional $30 value). Only $289 for everything you need to give your child the magic of dance and the thrill of dancing at the Christmas Village at Love Park.

A SPECTACULAR performance opportunity!
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RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Activities at Fireworks Dance Center, Inc. are physical and with all physical activities, injuries are possible. I understand and will not hold Fireworks Dance Center, Inc. or its teachers responsible for any injury or loss that may occur. When sending your child to Fireworks Dance Center, Inc. I understand my child should be covered by my own insurance and I will not hold Fireworks Dance Center, Inc. responsible for accidents that may occur. It is agreed that participating in any class taught or organized activity at Fireworks Dance Center is undertaken at the sole risk of the student. Students, parents, and guardians hereby agree to hold harmless, release, and forever discharge Fireworks Dance Center, its employees, contractors, consultants, advisors, and owners from any and all claims for injury or damage to the student’s, parent’s, guardians’ and visitors’ person or property arising out of or in connection with participation in any event or class taught by Fireworks Dance Center and from all acts of active or passive negligence on the part of Fireworks Dance Center and any of its employees, contractors, consultants, advisors, and owners. *
PHOTO RELEASE: Fireworks Dance Center is given all rights to use photos/videos for promotional use. I give Fireworks Dance Center Inc. permission to photograph my child and to use the photographs around the facility and as a promotional tool. *
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