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Arabesque is a modern dance production group for students in Enschede. It was founded in 1992 by a number of enthusiastic students and has since grown into an active association. Every year we create a performance.
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Within Arabesque there are three groups, which have different levels. At the start of the year the members are divided in the groups. This is based on level and experience. The 1st group consists of people with little or no dance experience, or people who are not yet at the level of the 2nd group. The 2nd group members are more experienced and have a higher level. The third group is for the most experienced dancers in our association. You can join any open lesson you see fit for yourself, if you're unsure which level is the right one for you, talk to our teacher Laisvie or to the board.
There are two different types of lessons: technical lessons and creative lessons. In technical lessons the emphasis lies on the techniques of modern dance, so members will improve their dancing. During creative lessons we pay attention to improvisation and different ways of choreographing. In choreography lessons you will also work on developing your own pieces (for example for the performance).
How to sign up and pay for the fees
Most important: we need to have received your application form before we will accept you in the DMS system.

This is a step by step explanation:
1. Go to and click the orange DMS login button
2. You will be redirected to the login page, and after logging in, back to the DMS site
3. Go to the “What’s on offer” page and purchase the UnionCard for a half year or a full year
4. When new to Arabesque; go to the “Profile” page, click on organizations and find Arabesque in the list
5. We will accept you as soon as we have received your application form
6. When accepted, back on the “What’s on offer” page, find Arabesuqe in the “select organization” dropdown menu and you will find the association fee “Heffing Arabesque 20/21”

When all of this is taken care of we will send you an email for our membership fee.

The UnionCard can also be bought at the Service desk of the Sportcentre on campus. If you have any issues you can ask them there too or email us at!

If you are not a student of the university, Saxion or ArtEZ please look for the exact prices on
What we expect from you
By singing this form, we expect that you will be present at the lessons. If you can't make it to the lessons, please send an email to This way, the board and teacher know that you will not be there.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the board (!

The board wishes you a great dancing experience!
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For UT students this is your studentnumber, for anyone else it is the number you get assigned when buying a UnionCard or CampusCard.
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