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The responses from this form will be used to generate a wedding music contract. Your information will not be used for any other reason and will not be shared. Thank you for booking with us-- we are looking forward to your special day!
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COVID Policies
-Musicians will wear masks while indoors.
-Musicians must be placed at least 6 feet away from the bridal couple, the officiant, the bridal party, and any guests.
-All deposits are non-refundable. Full balances are due two weeks before event dates. If events are cancelled with 14 days' notice or more, deposits will be applied to new event dates, pending musician availability.
-KalHaven Strings will continue to monitor and adhere to all federal, state, and local COVID orders.
-If an event is cancelled due to a governmental order with less than 14 days' notice, the deposit and balance will be applied to a new date, pending musician availability, but will not be refunded if a new date is not selected.
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Wedding Location Name
Wedding Location Address *
Note: Mileage under 120 miles round-trip will be included free of charge. Mileage over 120 miles round-trip will incur a travel fee of approximately 50 cents per musician per mile. Mileage over 240 miles round-trip will require additional accommodations fees, due at time of booking.
Is the event indoors or outdoors? To be considered "indoors", shelter must have heating capabilities, a roof, and 4 fully enclosed sides. *
Rain Location, if applicable
Musicians are not able to perform outdoors in rain, snow, or at temperatures below 50 degrees. In case of adverse weather, suitable shelter shall be provided for the protection of instruments and musicians (i.e. tent), or the event shall be moved indoors, to a rain location, or cancelled. A rain delay may be possible pending musician availability. The decision to play will always be at the discretion of the musicians, in order to protect themselves and their instruments. Musicians will always arrive at the agreed upon time, despite weather threats.
How many guests will be attending the wedding? *
Ensemble Requested *
Listed by ensemble size, small to large. Ensembles with 2 or more musicians will incur a $50 non-refundable booking fee.
Start Time *
For ceremonies, please indicate official ceremony start time. Musicians will begin prelude music 30 minutes before the ceremony start time or when the first guest arrives. Musicians will arrive approximately 30 minutes before beginning playing.
Estimated Event Length *
For ceremonies, only include the ceremony length without setup or prelude.
Services Desired *
If a Rehearsal is requested, date, time, and location of rehearsal:
Requested Music
It is okay if you do not know your exact music requests now! We will confirm this one month before your event date. View the repertoire catalogue for your desired ensemble here: https://www.kalhavenstrings.com/repertoire.html All music requests are included, free of charge.
Musician Attire Requests
Unless otherwise indicated, the ensemble will wear black. The ensemble will present a clean, tailored appearance.
Event Contact Name *
The event contact is someone that the musicians can be in touch with the day of if they have any questions when the bride or groom may be busy. This may be an event planner, family member, friend, personal attendant, etc.
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