Bike Angels Missing Points Requests
Hi there! Before submitting your information on missing points, here are the most common reasons your trip may have not earned points:

1) The start station of the trip was offering drop-off points. In general, we only award points when you start at a pick-up or neutral station. Trips that begin at drop-offs or end at pick-ups tend to be less helpful for the system overall.

2) The station scores changed shortly before you began your trip. The map updates every 30 minutes right now, at the hour and at the half hour. This is the current level of "dynamic." As you can imagine, being more "real-time" means we are awarding points more accurately based on the fill level of various stations. However, it does impact the user experience adversely if scores change while walking to a station to start a trip.

3) Station points “freeze” when you start your trip, so the points you will earn won't change mid-trip! We don't want to be encouraging checking your phone while on your bike :)

If your trip doesn't fall prey to one of the above pitfalls, click through to share details of your trip and we'll investigate the missing points for you!

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