Virtual Leadership Week 2020 Application
A chapter of SHH can easily be the most impactful and most popular club on campus.

Leadership might be an over-used buzz word, but trust us, by learning key leadership skills and learning from past chapter successes, you will be UNSTOPPABLE! No matter what the culture, administrative red tape or size of your school, there are universal tools for getting others on board to help build schools. You'll learn skills that will help you both inside and outside of SHH.

How do our chapters like UMD, JMU, and Towson consistently raise OVER TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS each year? How is Stony Brook able to get so many students involved? If you are willing to put in the work to make your chapter successful, then we want you to attend LW 2020!

All Virtual Leadership Week participants must apply and a limited number will be accepted. Your executive board spot will not guarantee your attendance.  It is important for us to invest in future leadership, so ALL are welcome to apply (both high school and college students). Multiple people may be chosen from one school.  

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Application due: July 1st
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