Virtual Practice 11 - It's all in your Head
We spend a lot of time preparing our bodies to swim at a peak level, but in the end it is our mind that brings out the best in us. This lesson starts with a message about staying on the right road toward your goals, especially important right now with our current challenges facing us. The rest of the lesson is about having the right focus right before your race and will help you build a pre-race routine you can practice now and use later.
Coach Mark
Do you really want to be a champion?
Dr. Alan Goldberg asks, "Do you know what road you are on?"
Do you have a compelling "why" for the sport of swimming? Share that "why" and give an example of when you choose the right road when you came to a fork. *
This is a summary of a book written by Jason Selk on developing the kind of mental toughness that all successful athletes have. It gives you a three part process to mentally prepare yourself right before a big race. Develop and practice the routine now for use later.
The video suggests a three part mental toughness routine to prepare yourself for a big race. What are those steps? *
Try the 6-2-7 rhythm for the 15 Second Breath. Did you feel your heart rate drop? If not, do it again. Try it the next time you are feeling stressed. *
Create a mental movie for a big event in a big meet. List at least 10 details from that movie? Remember to use all of your senses. *
Create a performance statement you could use to move your focus from worries and fears to confidence. *
Championship Concentration
In this video, Dr. Alan Goldberg talks about the importance of focusing on what is important and letting everything else go. He gives us an exercise to help us improve our concentration.
Can you remember a time when you lost your focus right before a race and had a poor performance because of it? Share that story here. *
Try the concentration exercise from the video above. Were you able to recognize and recover your concentration over a 2-minute period? *
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