Friendly Streets for Gibson-Landsdale (GALA) Neighbourhoods.
Friendly Streets is a project of Environment Hamilton and Cycle Hamilton since 2017. This initiative engages with community members to work together towards friendlier and safer streets for walking, wheeling/cycling in Hamilton neighbourhoods. We need your input! Please complete this short survey to help us better understand the challenges of getting around in your neighbour and how we can re-imagine our streets as more enjoyable spaces for people.
Gibson-Landsdale Neighbourhoods
Please tell us what you think describes a friendly street.
What do you enjoy about your experience of walking and/or wheeling in your neighborhood?
Thinking about your neighbourhood streets, how often, if ever, are any of the following a concern?
Not Applicable
Poor air quality
Lack of trees or shade
Industrial trucks shortcutting in the neighbourhood
Speed of traffic
Volume of traffic
Lack of pedestrian signals or crossings
Poor pavement on sidewalks
Narrow, uneven sidewalks
Lack of snow removal on sidewalks in the winter
Poor lighting
Lack of safe, protected bike lanes
Lack of wayfinding to walk/bike to key destinations
Lack of secure bicycle parking
Lack of connectivity between modes of travel (e.x. drive and train)
If there a specific location that concerns you, please tell us exactly where it is.
Thinking about everywhere you go within your neighbourhood, what improvements would you strongly prioritize?
Strongly Agree
Strongly disagree
More street trees and shade
Stop industrial trucks from short cutting through your neighbourhood
Speed reduction
Traffic calming measures (e.g., speed bumps, bump outs)
Convert one-way streets to two-way
Connected and protected bike lanes
Wider sidewalks
More crosswalks
Snow removal
Benches, water fountains
Art murals
Alleyway improvements for alternative green ways
Do you have any other comments to add about what would make you feel safe and comfortable moving through your neighbourhood streets?
If you are interested in being involved with the project or would like to receive updates, please leave your email address:
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