Self-Driven Child Book Club Meeting

The School Family Community Partnership (SFCP) invites you to participate in a book club discussion on Tuesday March 12 from 6-7 PM in the Learning Commons at KJHS.

We will discuss the book, The Self-Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives, by William Stixrud and Ned Johnson.

The valuable insights presented in the book align with our district’s social-emotional learning curriculum.

We hope you consider reading the book and participating in the discussion. In our first book club meeting (in December), we discussed Chapter Nine: Wired 24/7: Taming the Beast of Technology, in this meeting we will move on to the rest of the book. To that end, please find the section below where you have the option of indicating a particular section or concept from the book that you would like to discuss.

Refreshments will be served.
Please RSVP to assist us in planning.

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