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Retail in Britain is changing. Major chains are going out of business, online is growing fast. The biggest and most prominent online retailer is So let's find out how much we use Amazon, what we think of them (and whether we've bought into other parts of the Amazon lifestyle, like the famous voice-controlled speaker).
Do you shop with Amazon? * launched in July 1995 and came to the UK in 1999, starting with books but eventually expanding to, well, everything. Are you a customer?
How long have you been an Amazon customer? *
Amazon is no longer a newcomer. Are you a recent convert or a veteran?
What do you buy from Amazon? *
There's not much that Amazon doesn't sell now - either directly from their own warehouses or via third party merchants.
How much do you spend with Amazon? *
Remember, we're not asking for your details so your answers are all anonymous.
Do you pay for Amazon Prime membership? *
Amazon Prime costs £79/year or £7.99/month and gets members free delivery on many products as well as access to lots of free content - movies, audiobooks and Kindle books, for instance.
Do you buy groceries from Amazon? *
Amazon Fresh is Amazon's supermarket grocery delivery service. It includes groceries from Amazon, Morrison's and, more recently, Whole Foods.
Do you use Amazon's Prime Now app? *
The app provides access to groceries and some of Amazon's huge range of other products. In Radlett you can get delivery within one hour. Deliveries are made by contractors using their own cars and the app shows you exactly where your driver is as they head your way.
Do you have an Amazon Echo? *
There are now four models of voice-controlled Amazon Echo, including one with a camera for your bedroom. Seriously. Users say they're life-changing, while others think having a device quietly recording your voice all the time is a privacy nightmare. Do you have one?
What's your attitude to Amazon? *
Amazon is a powerful, well-funded and aggressive business, provoking strong feelings, both for and against. Where do you sit?
Do you work for Amazon? *
Amazon's delivery drivers use their own cars and work flexible hours - like Uber drivers. Anyone with a suitable car can sign up and, if they pass the background check, can choose to work in four-hour blocks, using a mobile app. Have you tried it?
Tell us what you think of Amazon
This question is optional. Write your opinion here - about Amazon's customer service, the effect on other retailers, casualisation of warehouse and delivery workers or anything else.
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