S'n'S 24 Hour Play Festival: Sign-Up
A series of short plays written, directed, memorized, and performed in 24 hours by YOU. Sign up to write an original work, direct a brand-new play, act with a fresh cast, or lead the design of a show. It all starts at 8pm EST on Friday the 19th with writing. Then exactly 24 hours later, the digital curtains open. It'll be a totally unique, hodgepodge, thrown-together experience. Come be part of Scotch'n'Soda history!

Festival Brief: Friday Feb 19, 8:00pm EST
Writing begins: 8:00pm EST
Directors arrive: Saturday Feb 20, 4:00am EST
Actors arrive: 6:00am EST
Techies arrive: 6:00am EST
SHOWTIME: Saturday Feb 20, 8:00pm EST
Preferred name *
Pronouns *
What is your AndrewID? *
Do you have a reliable internet connection? *
Do you have bluetooth/other headphones that allow you to move around independent from your computer? (Can you get up from your desk and still be on a Zoom call?) *
Are you available at showtime? (Saturday Feb 20, 8:00pm-10:00pm EST) *
What role are you interested in? (At this time, we are not allowing sign-up for more than one role. This is a 24-hour production, and we do not want anyone to stay awake for the entire duration. Occupying more than one role would almost certainly require this. If you feel strongly that you should be allowed to fill more than one role, please detail why in the comments at the end of this form.) *
Everyone involved in the show is expected to show up at 8pm EST on Friday (the beginning of the festival) for a kick-off meeting. This is important to introduce the prod staff and get everyone on the same page as the festival begins! Are you available from 8:00-8:30pm EST on Friday Feb 19? *
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