Feedback v0.5.2
Feedback form for Bad Luck Black Cat v0.5.2.
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Have you played a farming sim game before? *
Have you played a previous version of Bad Luck Black Cat? *
Were you satisfied with the player movement and controls? (eg. too fast, too slow, didn't understand) *
Did you read the game's dialogue or did you find yourself skipping over it? *
Did you encounter any problems when interacting with NPCs or accepting/declining/handing in quests? *
How did the farming feel to use? *
How did the menus and UI feel to use? *
Did you understand the bad luck mechanics & events? *
Do you feel like, as a player, you received satisfying feedback from the game? *
Did you get stuck / unable to progress at any point in the game? If so, please explain how.
Any other feedback not addressed in the other questions that you'd like to give us? *
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