FY20: Programs- Needs Assessment
Please answer each question in the following survey. The information will be used to assess the needs of the following programs to assist with the planning for the 2019-2020 school year: Grants, Title VI-Indian Education , J.O.M., Cherokee Tag, and Title VII-Impact Aid. The survey should take only a few minutes to complete. Your response is very important.

The survey window opens on Wednesday, 4/17/19 and closes on Wednesday, 5/15/19.
Feel free to contact my office if you have any questions. Thank you!

Tammie Bowman
Federal Programs Director

Which best describes you? *
What do you believe are the main needs of Native American students & all students in Kansas Public Schools? (Please select the 10 most important needs.) *
Are there services not currently provided that you believe are needed for Indian Education? *
If you answered "Yes" on the previous question, please describe the services you believe are needed.
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Have you or your children used any of these services in the past? *
Do you or your children participate in the JOM Program? *
How do you think Title VI/J.O.M./Grant funds could be used to meet the needs listed above?
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Does the district seek parental and community input for Native American programs? *
Do you believe Native American students are given the same opportunity to participate on an equal basis with other students in regards to educational programs and extra-curricular activities? *
If you answered "No" on the previous question, please describe why you believe Native American students are not provided equal opportunity to participate in programs and activities.
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Does your household have access to a device with Internet capability? (Smartphone, Laptop, IPad, Desktop, etc.) *
What are the most effective methods to reach you by? (Please select only those that are helpful or effective) *
Rate your experience with the JOM School Supplies distribution held in August at Meet Your Teacher Event. *
Please share your thoughts on 'how' to improve the distribution of the JOM Materials.
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Thank you for completing the needs assessment survey. If you have any additional comments or concerns please respond below. This information is private and kept in the Indian Education Office for reference to improve our programs offered. Tammie Bowman, Federal Programs Director & Indian Education Opportunities
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