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Are you passionate about your child's education? If so, we know just the place for you and would welcome your participation with open arms.

Calling all nominations for the École Poirier PAC Executives 2021/22 Term!

During our Online PAC Annual General Meeting on May 13th, 2021 at 6pm, we will be holding an election to fill our PAC Executive Positions for a 1 year term. Your participation can add to our ability and capacity to meet our goals and advocacy as the parent voice at École Poirier Elementary.

We generally have one monthly meeting (currently online due to COVID restrictions), and emails in between for collaboration and the operations of our board of executives.

Any interested person is asked to fill out this form to indicate their interest. A List of Nominations will be provided for the public, including the full names of the nominees and their interested position. Nominees will be required to participate in the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) in order to accept their nomination. Should there be multiple parties nominated for the same position, voting will take place during the AGM.

The definitions of positions as per our constitution and bylaws are as follows:

The President shall:
a) Shall convene and preside at all membership, special and executive meetings.
b) Shall ensure that an agenda is prepared and presented.
c) Shall appoint committees where authorized to do so by the executive membership.
d) Shall be an ex-officio member to all committees except the Nominating Committee.

The Past President shall:
a) Shall help smooth transition between Presidents.
b) Shall assist and advise the council.
c) Shall act as a consultant for the President.
d) Shall chair the Nominating Committee.

The Vice-President shall:
a) Shall assume the responsibilities of the President in the President’s absence.
b) Shall accept extra duties as required.

The Treasurer shall:
a) Shall be responsible for and report on the accounts of the organization.
b) Shall be one of the three signing officers of the Executive board
c) Shall prepare a financial report for publication in the school newsletter
d) Shall, with the assistance of the Executive board, draft a budget and tentative plan of expenditures.
e) Shall ensure that another financial signing officer has access to the books in the event of his/her absence.
f) Shall submit an annual report.

The Secretary shall:
a) Shall record the minutes of membership, special and executive meetings.
b) Shall distribute minutes to Council members.
c) Shall keep an accurate copy of the Constitution and Bylaws and if and when changes are made, they shall be noted, dated and initialed by two PAC Executives, and an amended copy shall be submitted to the School Board office for safe-keeping.

The Fundraising Coordinators (2 positions available) shall:
a) Shall have the power to appoint Committee members as needed.
b) Shall coordinate, as required, special school function (eg. Sports Day, Concerts, Fundraising events, etc.).
c) Shall present all fundraising proposals to the executive for approval.

The Hot Lunch Coordinators (2 positions available, *note the active level/role of these positions are currently dependant on COVID restrictions within our school) shall:
a) Shall obtain a Food Safe certificate at the expense of the PAC.
b) Shall establish the monthly hot lunch dates in consultation with the Principal.
c) Shall plan each month’s hot lunch menu items to be offered for sale to the students.
d) Shall prepare an order form for each lunch to send home with the students.
e) Shall obtain the food and other supplies necessary to provide the hot lunch.
f) Shall receive the orders and deposit the funds received into the PAC bank account.
g) Shall prepare the food ordered and deliver it to the students in their classrooms on the appropriate day.
h) Shall ensure that the school kitchen is left in clean condition.

The Sooke Parent Advisory Council (SPEAC) (SPEAC is the district level PAC for SD62 they provide and maintain a parent liaison group at the district level within SD 62) this representative shall:
a) Shall attend SPEAC meetings (1 per month usually).
b) Shall report back to the PAC.
c) Shall seek input from the PAC on topics and issues that need to be brought back to the school district via SPEAC.
d)* note there is a Emergency Preparedness Committee via SPEAC, perhaps the below Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and this position should be combined, something to consider.

The Emergency Preparedness Coordinator shall:
a) In collaboration with the school administration and the PAC Executive board, re search, plan and order materials (when approved) to maintain Emergency Preparedness equipment and materials.
b) Maintain a record of Emergency Preparedness materials/equipment that is stored in the kiosk. Monitor expiration dates of emergency supplies and replace as necessary.
c) Submit annual budget requests to Poirier PAC Executives in September of the school year for anticipated orders.
d)* note there is a Emergency Preparedness Committee via SPEAC, perhaps the above SPEAC rep and this position should be combined, something to consider.

The Members at Large (2 positions available) shall:
a) Shall serve in a capacity to be determined by the Council at the time of their election, and at other times throughout their tenure as the needs of the Council might require.
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