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Welcome to the Aeris Körper Contemporary Dance Summer Intensive (formerly known as Form Contemporary Dance Theatre). This is where creative expression comes alive! This 5 day intensive is intended for dance artists of all levels, who are interested in contemporary dance/choreography and Aeris Körper.

Aeris Körper values and emphasizes personal expression and creative movement: the artist. The training will exemplify this value and focus on growing the students’ artistry, imagination, and the connection with one another. The classes draw from ideas found in contemporary and modern dance techniques, dance improvisation, and even a little bit of ballet in the mixture.
The core of our philosophy at Aeris Körper is accepting people of all abilities and ages. We instruct absolute beginners right up to the professional dancer; encompassing different styles of Modern and Contemporary Dance.

Our program will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in physical training, explore new contemporary dance techniques, and develop your creativity and imagination. You will meet new people and get in a great workout while you're at it!

The day will be structured as follows:

Morning - tuning/conditioning session + a contemporary technique class + improvisation; exploring dynamic stage presence and exciting physicality
Afternoon - choreography; taught by professional contemporary choreographers and dance artists, you will explore and learn new collaborative choreography by Aeris Körper

The week will conclude with an informal in-studio performance.

This intensive is ideal for beginners, movers new to dance (athletes, yogis, martial artists), or pre-professionals/professionals with experience.

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OUR NEXT Intensive is:

July 22-26th 2018 | 9am to 5pm
Location: Defining Movement Dance 624 Upper James Street, Hamilton, ON L9C 2Z1
Drop off as early as 8:30am.
​Late Pick-up available for $20/day.

The ages will be divided into three categories:

11-13 years old

14-18 years old


​(Before June 15th) $175+HST
(After June 15th) $210 + HST

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