Consent Form For AI Machine Learning Research 

Hi, everyone! It's Guidable.

We are seeking people willing to participate in a photoshoot for AI machine learning research. You can get a 6,000 yen reward just by joining the photoshoot!

❗️  For those who have already participated in this event before, please understand that you will not be able to apply for this job, as you can only participate once. ❗️

The company sponsoring this event is the famous electronic company starting with the letter “S”.

❗️The photos taken will be used to improve camera correction techniques and will not be leaked to outside parties or released to the public as advertisements.❗️
The research targets 750 people (375 women and 375 men) from various foreign countries. 
Everyone is welcome! 

Filming will take place over several days in January somewhere in Tokyo or near Tokyo (the location differs depending on the day). 

Approximately3hours of filming time is required.

Please sign the consent form to participate and be filmed for AI machine learning (minors must also have their parents' signatures).

We will contact people who fit the photoshoot schedule shortly by phone so please check your phone for incoming calls and double check the number you provide!

※Participation is limited to one time only

Thank you for cooperation! 

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