Help us shape the future of Bloom Yoga Collective!

We are located in the former home of Square One Yoga in San Leandro. Bloom Yoga Collective is eager to continue to serve the needs of our wonderful community. We hope to flourish in this space and grow with your input and support. Thank you for your time and input! We hope to see you at the studio!

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How did you hear about Bloom Yoga Collective
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What motivates your yoga practice? Select all that apply
What else motivates you to practice yoga at home or in the studio?
What class duration do you prefer? 
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What time of day do you prefer to attend yoga classes? Select all that apply.
Please include any other feedback you have about class times that you'd like us to consider as we formulate our new class schedule.
What types of yoga would you like to see offered at Bloom Yoga Collective. Please check all that apply. 
If you are interested in Family Yoga class options, which of the following age groups apply? 
Please expand on your interest in family yoga.
How many times a week do you typically practice yoga? 
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Are you interested in adding other forms of exercise and wellness to your practice? If so, please check all that apply.
Are you interested in attending yoga or meditation workshops?
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Are you interested in outdoor yoga classes or retreats?
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Are you and your family interested in youth-focused options (youth yoga camps, after-school yoga practices)?
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Are you interested in prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga or mothers support group offerings?
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What pricing model do you prefer?
Are you interested in becoming a member of our yoga studio collective - supporting financially (outside of class fees), or with donations of time or talent?
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If yes, what would you be interested in contributing? Please leave include your contact information. 
Please select the top 3 values that are MOST important to you in a yoga studio/community?
Please select the top THREE qualities you value most in a yoga teacher.
How do you prefer to receive updates from our new studio? 
If you would like to receive email updates from us, please include your name and email below. 
Please let us know if you have any feedback for us about the type of experience you wish to have at Bloom Yoga Collective. We welcome any and all feedback about the studio space, current instructors or class schedule, and how we can make sure we see YOU more as we Bloom :) 
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