LL.M. Externship Application Form
PLEASE NOTE: This form is to be submitted AFTER you have secured an externship. The deadline to submit this form is the final day of Add/Drop for the semester in which you plan to extern.

If your externship organization asks for a letter from Georgetown Law confirming that you will receive academic credit for the externship and/or confirming that you are enrolled at Georgetown Law for the duration of your externship, please email Molly Jackson at jacksonm@georgetown.edu.

Please contact Molly Jackson at jacksonm@georgetown.edu with any questions about this form or the LL.M. externship application process.
Externship Semester *
Please indicate whether you are applying for a fall, spring, or summer semester externship
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This is a 9 digit number beginning with an "8". It is listed on your GOCard as your "UID" number.
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Are you an international student in F-1 status? *
If you are an international student in F-1 status, you are only eligible for an externship if you have elected to participate in a practice-oriented LL.M. degree track. If you are not already in a practice-oriented degree track, do you wish to switch to a practice-oriented degree track?
*Environmental Law LL.M. students do not need to be in a practice-oriented track and can leave this question blank.
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Information about the Externship Site
(Information about the organization)
Name of Externship Organization *
Name of Division or Practice Group
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Washington, Arlington, Bethesda, etc.
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Supervisor's Name *
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Supervisor's Address (If different from above)
Have you ever interned at OR been an employee of this entity? *
If you answered yes, please list the dates below.
How did you find your externship? *
Goals Statement
Please set out your goals for the externship and what you hope to learn from this experience below. *
A statement of goals provides an opportunity to focus on the objectives of your experience that will enhance learning of the law. For example, you may seek to improve a particular skill, explore an area of practice as it relates to your future career, or see how material learned in class applies to the real world.
I understand that I must work a minimum of 10 hours each week for at least eleven weeks during the semester, and that I must submit a time sheet for each week. *
I understand I must attend the mandatory Externship Orientation and Exit Sessions. *
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