CDAD Board Nomination Form
Open Board Positions:

*Districts 1, 2 (Special Election), 4, and 5 Caucus Representatives: Candidates must represent a CDAD member Community Development Organization (CDO), a Neighborhood Improvement Organization (NIO) or a Community Group (CG) in City Council District 1, 2, 4 or 5

*One at-large (CDO/NIO/CG) member: Candidates must represent a CDAD member Community Development Organization (CDO), a Neighborhood Improvement Organization (NIO) or a Community Group (CG)

*Two at-large general member positions: Candidates must be a current, paid member of CDAD (CDO, NIO, CG, Individual or Partner Member categories are eligible)

Eligibility to Serve on CDAD Board of Directors:

Must be a representative of an organization that is a current, paid member of CDAD as of November 30, 2018. If the candidate is running for a board seat on behalf of an organization the person must be listed on that organization’s member application as the main or alternate contact (if unsure if you are listed on your organization's membership, please contact the CDAD office).

CDAD Board of Directors Annual Attendance Expectations:

-Attend at least two thirds of 6 board meetings each year
-Attend annual board strategic planning retreat
-Attend at least two thirds of committee meetings for committee to which you have been appointed
-Attend at least half of the 6 CDAD Membership meetings each year


There will be an open call for nominations to the Board from Wednesday, November 14th to Friday November 30th. Nominations will be accepted via online nomination form or by dropping off a hard copy to CDAD’s office at 440 Burroughs Street, Suite 201. All nominations must be received by the November 30th deadline.

Candidates can be self-nominated or nominated by another person. No matter the method of nomination, a completed form must be submitted including the following items:

1. A recent headshot photograph

2. The candidate must respond to the three questions at the bottom of this form

CDAD Board Election:

2018 CDAD Board Elections will take place at the December Membership meeting at TechTown (440 Burroughs Street) on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 9am.

Candidates running for an open position must be present in person at the Membership meeting. If there are extenuating circumstances please email Kyra Thomas at to arrange for a proxy to be present to read the candidate’s statement covering the three talking points below.

For more information on running for the CDAD board or membership status please contact CDAD Office Manager, Kyra Thomas by email at or by telephone at 313-832-4566.

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