CAA 2020 County League
Here you can submit scores for the Cambridgeshire Archery Association (CAA) 2020 summer league.

Rules have been sent out by email and will appear on the CAA website soon.

GDPR information: By submitting a score via this form you consent to your name, club, and score details being published by the CAA. e-mail addresses will not be made public, and will only be used to contact you for further details relating to your submissions if deemed necessary. Raw data will be held for a maximum of two years before being deleted. Final results may be retained by the CAA. For further details please contact the CAA records officer/team manager.
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This will be used to contact you with any queries about your score. It will not be shared with anyone by the CAA Records Officer.
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Please contact the CAA records officer if you club is missing and our apologies.
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Round Details
The CAA Summer Series consists of three dozen (36) arrows shot at any distance on to any size target face.
This information will then be used to convert the score to an accuracy based metric, and subsequently to a standardised round (Portsmouth or 720) for comparison to other archers. Please provide as much information about the score as you can and contact the CAA team manager/records officer with any other questions. Recent archers - your club should be able to assist with the details.
Distance *
Please specify the distance you shot at (and whether it was yards or metres!!)
Face information *
Please provide as much information about the target face as you can including *style* (World archery/normal, Field, NFAA etc.), *size* (Diameter), and *scoring* method (e.g. 10 or 5 zone, compound inner 10 used). e.g. '40cm WA face, compound indoor scoring'.
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I consent to this information being stored by the CAA. I also consent to this information (excluding contact details) being made publicly available on the website and to CAA members. Juniors please check with your parent or legal guardian. *
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