Cards for a Cause Fundraiser
We are hosting a fundraiser to help the Boone kids get to the National Bible Bee Competition in December, held in San Antonio, Texas. Bethany, Ansel & Amelia competed in our local Bible Bee competition this summer and qualified for Nationals. There are three divisions (Primary, Junior and Senior) and only the top 120 contestants from each division around the nation are chosen to go to Nationals, so we are very honored and they have worked hard--and continue to do so!

Available are four collections of 30 beautiful, hand-crafted cards each. All the cards also come in a cute organizing box to keep them neat and tidy! These boxes of cards would not only be great for personal use, but also as gifts (especially for Christmas--it's coming...faster than we can think!!) Please note that there are 2 options for all occasion cards! :)

The cost is $30 per box (that is just a $1/card). The general pricing for cards nowadays is $3-$5 and sometimes up to $10--crazy, huh? With tax the total is $32.07 per box. This makes it a fantastic deal.

Even better is that the Boone Kids will receive 43% of the profit from these boxes of cards!

We will be taking orders from now through October 19th.

Interested in helping out and getting some great greeting cards? Simply fill out the form by clicking the gray "next" button until you reach the last page and click the blue "submit" button. (You can go back, but make sure when you're completed you click submit.) Let me know if you have any questions!
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