Squirrel Grocery Order form
We are asking people to choose how much they want in a multiplier of the amount next to the item. We will do our best to get the items you order the amount, but nothing is guaranteed to come in especially these days. We are not able to price everything out on a per item basis, and we are already seeing price changes and increases. Since this is a service we are offering more out of the spirit of it we are doing the best we can to make it accessible to everyone. Orders placed by 2PM on Monday will be available for pickup between 3PM and 9PM Tuesday. Orders placed Thursday by 2PM will be ready for pickup Friday between 3PM and 9PM. If you have questions please email info@goldensquirrelpub.com or call 510-735-9220 daily 3PM - 9PM. We are hoping this is a service to help flatten the curve in Rockridge and provide an option besides going to the store.
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Other (add in bottom)
Apple Green (EACH)
Apple Red (EACH)
Artichoke (EACH)
Asparagus (1 LBS)
Avocado (EACH)
Baby Kale (1 LBS)
Baby Spinach (1 LBS)
Bananas (Bunch)
Bacon (1 LBS)
Basil (Bunch)
Bay Leaf (2 OZ)
Bell Pepper Red (EACH)
Black Beans Dry (1LBS)
Blackberry (Clam Shell)
Bleach (1 GAL)
Blue Cheese (1/2 LBS)
Blueberry (Clamshell)
Broccoli Top (1/2 LBS)
Butter (1 LBS)
Buttermilk (1/2 GAL)
Cabbage Red (Per Head)
Carrots (1 LBS)
Cauliflower (Per Head)
Cantaloupe (1 EACH)
Celery (Bunch)
Cherry Tomato (Clamshell)
Chicken Thigh (1 LBS)
Chives (Per Bunch)
Cilantro (Per Bunch)
Coffee Decaf Whole Bean (1 LBS)
Coffee Reg Whole Bean (1 LBS)
Corn Ear (Per Ear)
Corn Meal (1/2 LBS)
Cucumber (EACH)
Daikon Sprouts (Box)
Dill (Bunch)
Eggs (10 per carton)
Feta Cheese (1/2 LBS)
Flour (1 LBS)
Fresno Chile (1/4 LBS)
Garlic (1/4 LBS)
Ginger (1/4 LBS)
Greek Yogurt (1 Quart)
Green Bean (1/2 LBS)
Ground Beef (1 LBS)
Jalapeño (1/2 LBS)
Jasmine Rice (1 LBS)
Ketchup (1 QUART)
Lemon (EACH)
Lentils Dry (1 LBS)
Lime (EACH)
Lime Leaf (2 OZ)
Milk Whole (1 GAL)
Mint (Bunch)
Mozzerela (1 LBS)
Mushrooms (1/2 LBS)
Mustard (1 PINT)
NY Steak (6 OZ)
Olive Oil Extra Virgin (1 PINT)
Olive OIl Canola (1 PINT)
Onion Red (EACH)
Onion Yellow (EACH)
Orange (EACH)
Orange Blood (EACH)
Panko (1/2 LBS)
Parsley (Bunch)
Pasilla (1/2 LBS)
Pasta Shells (1 LBS)
Pasta GF (12 Ounce)
Pearl Barley Dry (1 LBS)
Peas (1 LBS)
Pineapple (EACH)
Potato Kennebec (EACH)
Potato Russet ( EACH)
Potato Yukon (EACH)
Radish Red (1 LBS)
Raspberry (Clamshell)
Romaine Lettuce Heart (Per Head)
Rosemary (BUNCH)
Ruby Grapefruit (EACH)
Scallion (BUNCH)
Shallot (EACH)
Sharp Cheddar (1 LBS)
Smoked Cheddar (1 LBS)
Soy Sauce (1 Pint)
Spring Mix (1 LBS)
Squash (EACH)
Strawberry (Clamshell)
Sugar (1 LBS)
Sun Dried Tomatoes (1/2 LBS)
Swiss Cheese (1 LBS)
Thyme (BUNCH)
Tofu ( 1 Box)
Toilet Paper (1 Roll)
Tomato (EACH)
Tortilla Corn 4" (12 PACK)
Tortilla Corn 6" (12 PACK)
Tortilla Flour Large (12 PACK)
Whipped Cream Cheese (1 LBS)
White Cheddar (1 LBS)
Yam (1 Each)
Yeast (3 Pack Equivalent 3 tbspn)