RSVP: Let’s Talk: Combating Institutional Racism
JOIN US ON THURSDAY OCTOBER 25TH 4:30 PM TO 6:30 PM PAT OFFICE 345 NE 8th Portland, Oregon 97232 Dinner will be served. Participants will take part in a discussion about how institutional racism in education impacts youth today. Discuss different strategies for combating levels of racism and begin to embark on a shared understanding so we can co-create racial justice in education. Let’s talk, listen and learn from each other, as we discuss the roles that race plays in the education of our students, our profession and our communities. Facilitated by local leaders and NEA. This event is sponsored by: PAT Racial Equity Task Force Portland Association of Teachers Oregon Education Association National Education Association
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The Racial Equity Task Force of PAT wants a more accurate number of our members who identify as a person of color. Our task force is embarking on an intentional racial justice campaign that is responsive to PAT’s members of color. Do you identify as a person of color? *
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