Application to Increase Data Allowances on Mobile Phone Devices.
Please complete the form below if you believe that you qualify for an increase to your data allowance for mobile phone users on certain networks.

This is so that children and young people can access remote education if their face to face education has been disrupted (i.e. they are working from home and not physically in school).

We will then submit your information via the school link.

If you are successful, the network provider will send a text message to the account holder, once they have processed the data increase.

Please note that this is a temporary increase for the lockdown period only.
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Are you in a financial position to be able to add additional data to your device/s? *
Is your child/ren experiencing disruption to face to face remote learning due to a lack of data? *
Are you registered with one of the following phone providers? (Please tick). Please note these are the only providers currently providing this scheme. We will let you know if other join at a later stage. *
What is the name of the account holder (your phone is register to)? *
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