Avondale Easter Gifts 2019
Remembering loved ones who reside within the church triumphant is natural on Easter Day.
This year, as with years past, there are opportunities to honor and remember loved ones by
supporting a particular mission or project.
The three directions for giving this year are the:
Children's Ministry - Butteryfly Release Fund, The GoodPasture Fund, and One Great Hour of Sharing.
On Easter Day, we will be receiving the larger denominational offering - One Great Hour of Sharing.
Would you like to give a Gift in ____________? *
Who would you like to give in Memory/Honor of? (Please note: Names will be printed as given in our 9:30 AM Easter Worship Service bulletin and shared on our website.) *
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What Direction would you like your Gift to go? (To read about these, go to our website: http://www.avondalepresbychurch.org/eastergifts) *
This Gift is Given by (Name)? (Please note: Names will be printed as given in our Easter Worship Service bulletin.) *
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I will pay my Avondale Easter Gifts via: *
If you need to contact me, my NAME is and my CONTACT info (phone and/or email) is: *
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WAIT! BEFORE you click Submit below... If you would like to go to PayPal now....
To pay your Easter Gift & Offering now via PayPal, go to this web address below - THEN click on the the DONATE button for the ministry fund you indicated above. Your gift will be securely transmitted to Avondale and Jacqueline Howells will receive notification of your gift. http://www.avondalepresbychurch.org/eastergifts
Your Easter Gifts & Offerings
Thank you for your contribution.
A listing of memorial gifts and those honored will be printed as part of our Easter bulletin available at worship service. Names will be printed as written.

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