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Hi SSAG! We heard you, so this year, we are relaunching the SSAG Mailing List, but in a brand-new format: Google Groups

Google Groups was chosen because it allows conversations (private and whole-group) and reduces maintenance efforts. All emails from the mailing list will have the subject prefix [SSAG-Members], so you may choose to create a filter based on that.

We hope this mailing list/Google Group will bring about some positive benefits to our members!
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Sign up Instructions

If you have a Google account, you may request to join the group (i.e. the mailing list) at:
You do not need to fill up this form!

If you do not have a Google account, or wish to use an email not associated with a Google account, you may fill up the form here and we will add you in manually.

How it works

[[ Anyone/You/ExCo ]] ➤ ➤ Approval by ExCo ➤ Mailing List Members

To distribute any emails (e.g. job postings, events), you may forward the email to:, or simply post it in the Google Groups.

All posts will be moderated by the ExCo, before it is forwarded to everyone on the mailing list.

Everyone in the group can take part in the conversation simply by replying to the email.

The ExCo will also be distributing SSAG event information, and other relevant stuff through this mailing list

This is thus most of the times a one-to-many system, but can also act as a many-to-many system.


Your email is managed in Google Groups and used only for the purposes of this mailing list. We will not forward, distribute, or sell this mailing list to anyone else.

Your email will not be revealed as all emails are sent to the mailing list email address.


You may unsubscribe by yourself at any time, either through Google Groups, or here.

You can choose to change your email subscription settings to "Digest", so you would only get a summary instead of every single mail.

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