Minds in Bloom Podcast for Upper Elementary Teachers: "HOW DO YOU TEACH...?"
We're so glad you're interested in being a guest on our podcast! 

Here's what we have in mind...

This podcast is all about giving teachers like you the chance to share their insight and expertise with other teachers!

So what will the experience be like?

The podcast will be recorded over a zoom call. If it makes you more comfortable, you can even turn off your camera. 🙈

The call will last 10-15 minutes, and during this time, you'll just get to share something that you think another teacher could learn from you!

Maybe it's a lesson that you've taught and had success with.
Or a strategy you use for building community.
Or a favorite review game you play.

You're just sharing one of those things that goes really well in YOUR classroom!

For example, I might talk about my experience teaching fraction and decimal equivalence. 

I'll talk about how I created a giant decimal number line across the entire back wall and how we started by placing sticky notes to represent halves and quarters.

I'll explain the lesson and offer any tips and tricks I have to making sure students truly come away with understanding.

See.... it's easy!  You're just sharing something you know and love!

And really, your episode can be just about anything that other upper elementary teachers are also teaching, trying to implement, or struggling with.

Just think how many students can be impacted by your ideas!

So, what are you waiting for??? 

The faster you sign up, the more students can grow from your amazing ideas and experiences!


Q: Can I promote a resource I sell?
A: You must share lesson ideas that aren't dependent on buying any special resources.  If you'd like to offer a freebie, you can certainly do that.  We will link to your store/freebie in the show notes.

Q: Can I remain anonymous?
A: Absolutely! 

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