Submission form for all Long and Short Reviews: non-erotic romance and all other genre review requests
IMPORTANT NOTE (PLEASE READ): After completing this form, please email the PDF for this story to with a subject: TITLE - PUBLISHER PDF (i.e. Really Great Book - New Book Publishing PDF). If you do not send the PDF, your request will be deleted without notice.

Please use this form to submit your NON-EROTIC ROMANCE story to us for possible review. Also use this form for NON-ROMANCE MYSTERY AND SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY, MAINSTREAM FICTION, HORROR and YOUNG ADULT / MIDDLE GRADE fiction.

Erotic romance should be submitted using this form:

NOTE: your submission does not guarantee a review. All requests will be held for a maximum of six months before the request and the PDF are deleted from our database.

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SWEET: no visual love scenes and no descriptive kissing; SENSUAL: Contains a high degree of sexual tension, steamy kisses and passionate clinches, but all fully consummated love scenes will be implied, not described, and with the bedroom door firmly closed. SPICY: Contains actual love scenes and may include detailed descriptions of foreplay and consummation. HOT: Contains sizzling and very detailed love scenes throughout and graphic, explicit content which may be offensive to some.
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Check all that apply - note: make SURE you select "romance' if the story has strong romantic elements since we also accept Non-Romance mystery and SFF.
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