Multi-Con VR: Fantasy + Sci-Fi
Avatar Contest Rules

On Saturday, April 27th, between 10am - 2pm PDT, we will be holding an ‘Avatar Contest’ at Multi-Con VR. The theme for this contest is SciFi + Fantasy.

Create your favorite characters from Fantasy + Sci-Fi shows and movies for the 3D metaverse. Then wear them up the runway! The winner will be selected by the community.

Enter your avatar for a chance to win huge cash prizes. Cosplay is encouraged and rewarded! The winner is voted by attendees.

1st Place $10,000*
2nd Place $5,000*
3rd Place $1,000*
Every Avatar selected to complete in the Contest $300*

There will be a Grand Prize Winner after all 3 Multi-Con Cosplay Contests that will win an all-expenses-paid trip for 2 to San Francisco to attend Silicon Valley Comic Con!
• Multi-Con VR: Anime + Animation Universes (March 16)
• Multi-Con VR: Fantasy + Sci-Fi Universes (April 27)
• Multi-Con VR: Comic Book Universes (June 8)


- Entries must be inspired by a character from animation
- All work must be original or 'fair use' of other works, including parody
- Entries must not violate other’s intellectual property
- Users cannot have web or text entities as part of their costumes
- Avatar’s longest dimension should not exceed 2 meters
- Users cannot use particles as part of their outfit
- Poly limit should not exceed 25k
- 50 max flow joints
- Recommended 1k or lower map for all textures
- One entry per person
- Must submit an embedded FBX and a hosted FST file.
- You can’t use MMD models but you can use Mixamo. Mixamo has open license but MMD are proprietary.
- Users who are banned will not be eligible to compete in the contest nor attend the event.

Contestants are encouraged but not required to use our flow script technology which gives clothes, hair and other attachments movement. Avatars can be humanoid or non-humanoid. Avatars can be photo-real or stylized.

Last day to sign up and submit an avatar will be April 17th by 11:59pm PDT. If you do not submit anything before this time, you will not be allowed to participate.

* all cash prizes paid in High Fidelity Coin (HFC)

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