Proctoring & Test Accommodations
Chelsea District Library offers limited proctoring and test taking accommodations for non-library proctored tests to the public. In order to provide the best service possible please review the information below.

Proctoring Accommodations
CDL provides limited supervision - a proctor will not be in the same room with the student when taking their exam
The student is responsible for compliance with all testing agency requirements
A public computer/a quiet study room can be provided
If special software or hardware is needed on library supplies equipment, the student should indicate this information below when scheduling a test

Testing/Online Course Accommodations
CDL can provide extended study room time, extended computer time, ethernet cables and other technology support
Students are responsible for knowing all the requirements of their test/course and communicating their needs, including necessary software/hardware if using library supplies equipment

All exam proctoring and other accommodating requests MUST BE SCHEDULED ONE WEEK BEFORE THE TEST DATE.
Student should include their contact information for their school's technical support and distance learning office in the even of technical difficulties.

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