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Hello kind human,
Thanks for your willingness to contribute to our project.

We are a small (growing fast), Portsmouth based team of volunteers coordinating an initiative to create basic face shield made up of a 3D-printed head-mount, clear visor and elastic for those who must continue their community-facing work whilst the rest of us stay home to fight against the spread of Covid-19. Initially we are focusing on GP surgeries and non critical-care uses.

We are using 3D-printers to make the visors which make up these face shields. This started on Monday, 23rd March and we delivered the 1st 15 on Friday. Since then, GP surgeries and other groups have started contacting us. Our focus is on coordinating the print of the head-mounted visor holders and then adding in the transparent visor sheet, before attaching an elastic strap to it.

See below photos of the ones we delivered Friday 27th.

Our design - The design is evolving all the time (last updated 28th Mar.):  
It is a remix of the ones first developed by Prusa Research:

Volunteers - call to action:
So that we can speak with you more about how you can be of most help:
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- in just a couple of easy steps you'll be on your way to helping saving lives

Give what you can/share this with a friend. Stay safe. Keep on keeping on.

3D-printed Solent Face Shields Project Team
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