Supply Preaching Requests
Information to fill requests for supply preaching
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Contact: *
First and last name of person we can contact with questions/confirmation of a fill-in preacher.
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Please include area code.
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Contact's email address: *
Email address of person to contact.
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Emergency contact's name and phone number: *
For last-minute illness, flat tire, etc. This person can be the same as the contact listed above.
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For what occasion do you need a speaker? *
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Preaching Date(s) *
DATE(S) fill-in preacher is needed
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Service time(s) *
List time(s) and type of service(s) i.e.: 10:00 a.m. Worship Service & 9:00 a.m. Sunday School
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Are you requesting a student or a faculty/staff member? *
Check the preferred speaker. We will contact preferred choice first, but if no one is available, we will contact all groups unless otherwise requested in the "Additional Comments" section below.
Is there a specific OCC faculty, staff, or student you would like us to ask?
If so, please list the name(s) below. We will contact them to see if they are available. Please fill out the next few questions in case your requested speaker is unavailable.
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Which speaker best fits the occasion? *
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Responsibilities *
What will the supply preacher be expected to do? Select all that apply.
Please indicate the amount you'll provide to cover the speaker's travel expenses/honorarium. *
Mileage is figured using the current IRS rate of 54.5 cents per mile, roundtrip. Any additional gift above the cost of travel is appreciated in recognition of the speaker's time and preparation. (NOTE: For faculty/staff, please make the check out to OCC; for a student preacher, make the check out to the student.)
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OCC Display?
Could the supply preacher set up an OCC display and materials at your church?
Additional comments?
Any other information we need to know? What would be the appropriate attire for the occasion? Anything specifically happening in the community at that time? Do you have other expectations for the speaker (e.g. staying for a meal)? How long of a message do you expect?
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