• KN95/FFP2 masks
• Gloves
• Antibacterial wipes
• Hand sanitiser
• Disposable Aprons
• Screens
• Additional items available – please ASK!

Available for free delivery anywhere in South Devon.

Place “pre-orders” now to ensure supply for the next 3 weeks as stock gradually comes in.

Complete the online form to register.

Edmundson Electrical have been appointed as Key Workers by the Cabinet Office to help supply Infection Control Personal Protective Equipment alongside our core business of supplying electrical products.

- Public Services NHS/ Police/ Fire Service/ Council/TDA/ Bus drivers/ etc)
- Care home/Residential homes / care workers
- Pharmacies,/Opticians/ GP surgeries/ and all other public facing healthcare providers
- Food Factories & distributors
- Shops
- Hotels
- Restaurants & Pubs
- Zoo's, Swimming Pools, other Tourist Attractions

The list above is not exhaustive, so if you are in need of PPE please register your interest below.

We can also offer businesses a credit account offering up to 30 days interest free credit (subject to filling out an account form and a credit check).

Stay Safe.
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Disposable Aprons from NHS approved factory (500 per box)
1 - 5 boxes
5 - 10 boxes
10 - 15 boxes
Disposable Aprons (boxed in 500's)
Disposable face shields (boxed in 10's)
0 - 5 boxes
5 - 10 boxes
10+ boxes
Disposable shields
Face Masks: KN95/FFP2, Non-Medical mask, Medical Type 2 Mask, Surgical iiR Masks
I am interested in this product and would like to know more.
I would likely order 0-10
I would likely order 10-50
I would likely order 50-100
I would likely order 100+
I would likely order 1000+
KN95/FFP2 sold in boxes of 10 (95% filtration of Microns 0.3 and above commonly used Healthcare & Agriculture)
Non-Medical Mask sold in boxes of 40(95% bacterial protection general usage for shops, and small factories/offices)
Medical Mask Type 2 sold in boxes of 40 (98% bacterial protection used in same applications as Non-Medical mask)
Surgical iiR Mask sold in boxes of 50 (98% bacterial barrier and fluid resistant. No protection against by very small air particles, though)
Nitrile gloves latex free (boxed in 100's)
0-50 boxes
50-100 boxes
100+ boxes
I am interested in the gloves and would like pricing based on selected quantity
TIS medical thermometer gun
75% Hand Sanitiser available in 3 different sizes
0-50 bottles
50-100 bottles
100+ bottles
185ml bottles
250ml bottles
2.5ltr bottle
Protective screen for public facing roles (retail, reception area's, etc)
75% alcohol disinfection wipes
0-50 packs
50-100 packs
100+ packs
I am interested in the wipes and would like pricing based on selected quantity
For all your PPE requirements please contact:-
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