ARC READERS - As an ARC Reader, if you express interest in a particular upcoming release, we'll send you a free E-book copy a couple of weeks before it goes live. In return, we ask that you:

* Leave a review on Goodreads, Amazon, and/or Bookbub within a week after release.
* Make sure your review is honest and spoiler-free. And by honest, we mean honest. Constant 5-star reviews will make us question your sanity, not love you more.
*Don't share the book with anyone or upload it on a free/pirate site. That's a dick move that totally cuts into Denise's ability to make a living. And if she can't make a living then she, BW, and their 4 furry AF Siberian Huskies are coming to live with you. Don't worry, the dogs are mostly house trained.
*Send us a link to the review after you post it. If you can't review the book for some reason, just let us know.

BETA READERS - As a BETA Reader, if you express interest in a particular work in progress, Denise will send you an early, unedited, copy of the manuscript along with a list of questions to consider as you read. The questions center around character arcs, story structure, emotionality, pace, and whatever else she comes up with.

STREET TEAM - As a member of Denise's Street Team, you'll help me pimp myself out to potential readers. How will I do that, you ask? By sharing info on new releases, sales, events, etc. on social media.
* Anything I ask you to share will be sized/scaled appropriately and will include text and hashtags you can choose to use or not.
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BETA READERS - Will you be able to read the manuscript in 5-10 days and provide constructive criticism in an honest and forthright manner and not blow smoke up my ass? *
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